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About Us
Vergent Consulting is a woman-owned small business established in 2005 in Alexandria, Virginia. Vergent Consulting leads and facilitates the ‘people side’ of organizational success. Services include organizational management consulting, professionally designed and facilitated meetings & retreats, team development organizational relationship building. Our unique people-centric approach is based on strategy, creativity and collaboration for our organizational success. 

Our mission is to advise, lead, facilitate and inspire people to work and connect as a team as they create fresh, visionary strategies and effective change for - within and through -their organizations. We are inspired by the wise observation of Margaret Mead (America’s first anthropologist):

“A small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.
Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”
Margaret Mead, America’s ‘First Anthropologist’

Karen Buehler, CPF®, CEO - Certified Professional Facilitator

  • Professional facilitator, leader, change / program manager and communication strategist supporting private sector, small business, public and non-profit clients.
  • Karen Buehler is one of only 800+ Certified Professional Facilitators (CPF) worldwide designated by the International Association of Facilitators.
  • Four years executive management and communication strategist, Institute of Management Consultants, National Capital Region.
  • Over 20 years experience in the defense program management environment  ...  more

Vergent Values

 Verge: We are always on the verge of what’s next; focus people on what’s coming now, on opportunities.

 Explore: Challenge leaders & managers to shift their point of view, explore hidden assumptions, see the bigger picture.

: Energetically work on clear, relevant business-driven results; pursue realistic goals with measures and accountability.

 Group Genius
: Ground people with a sound purpose and process; collaborate, listen and rely on all their sense(s).

: Serve our clients with integrity, competence, objectivity and a professional approach; place the best interests of clients first.

 What's Next
? Complete every session with specific decisions, next steps, agreement. Ensure people have what they need to succeed

: Build trust with group(s) we engage; communicate openly and often; stay involved, follow through and continuously improve. Be a champion.

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